The MACCHIATObin V1.3 schematics in PDF or DNS/Orcad format can be downloaded on the links below:

The MACCHIATObin V1.1 PDF schematics can be downloaded on the link below:

Revision1.3 Electrical Design Changes

MACCHIATObin V1.3 features following changes in schematics electrical design:

Bug fixes:

  1. PCIe reset pull down. For PCIe compliance, reset signal must be low until clocks are stable.
  2. Fix 5v and 3.3v VBYP on Richtek RT7251 and RT7250 DC-DC.
  3. eMMC signals power domain is fixed 3.3v (VDDO_H).


  1. Replace fixed LED with one GPIO controlled. Change Fixed to become "facing up" and place inside board.
  2. Remove CPU domain shunts in order to remove IR drop.
  3. Remove DDR domain shunts and power gating transistor in order to remove IR drop.
  4. Moved USB type C (Mochi) to be unassembled by default.
  5. Both single and double shot versions will support heatsink + fan. Heatsink with fan chosen - a 6.7 CFM with 12v very quiet without PWM controlled.
  6. Replaced DIP switches with 2x10 100mil pin header. This provides the ability to expose the bus on a front panel.
  7. Add three pin UART header to the console UART (in parallel with FTDI).

New features:

  1. Added feature - SFP+ pass through for single shot SKU
  2. Added feature - Added pull up/down to identify single shot vs. double shot SKUs.