MUSDK Introduction

Marvell User-Space SDK (MUSDK) is a light-weight user-space I/O driver for Marvell's Embedded Networking SoC's. The MUSDK library provides a simple and direct access to Marvell's SoC blocks to networking applications and networking infrastrucutre.

MUSDK Components

The following diagram shows the main components in an example control and data plane system. MUSDK components reside mainly in User-Space, relying on UIO services provided by the Kernel. MUSDK also takes care of synchronization with the Kernel driver counterparts, for correct system operation.

Musdk Sys  

UIO Infrastructure

Linux provides a standard UIO (User I/O) framework for developing user-space device drivers. The UIO framework incorporates a Kernel component that is capable of mapping device memory regions to user space.

The kernel-space UIO component exposes the device via a set of Linux standard mechanisms. The user-space component searches for these entries, reads the device address ranges and maps them to user space memory. The user-space component can then perform any device-management tasks directly, including I/O from the device.

Packet Processor I/O Interface (PPIO)

The MUSDK PPIO driver provides low-level network interface API for User-Space network drivers/applications. The PPIO infrastrcuture maps Marvell's Packet Processor (PPv2) configuration space and I/O descriptors space directly to user-space memory. This allows user-space driver/application to directly process the packet processor I/O rings from user space, without any overhead of a copy operation.

Packet Processor Classifier Interface

The MUSDK Classifier provides low-level network interface API to enable applications program Marvell's Packet Processor (PPv2) hardware in order to assist in prioritization, classification and filtering of each packet.

Security Acceleration Module (SAM)

The MUSDK SAM driver provides capability for operating the Security Acceleration engine (SAM/EIP197) directly from user-space with minimum overhead and high performance. The SAM driver exports API for creating and deleting security session, for sending crypto requests to the HW engine, and for retrieving the crypto operation outcome from the HW engine.

DMA-able Memory Allocation

MUSDK provides API to allocate a single contiguous memory region for run-time DMA-able data buffers. This memory region is then mapped to user space to serve of drivers and applications. MUSDK also provides API for driver/application to allocate data buffers from this memory region, and then to release them back once they were processed.