MACCHIATObin (up to rev 1.2) PCIe reset fix

This page will show you how three easy steps to fix the PCIe reset bug when plugging in GPUs on MACCHIATObin revisions 1.2 and lower.

Step 1

We will start by pulling down resistors from pad A11 do GND (A12 was chosen as a close by GND signal). For this, use resistor value range from 1 KOhm to 4.7 KOhm. This is shown on the image below:

PCIe Resistor  

Step 2

Now we need to cut the plastic part of the PCIe x4 connector to make it possible to plug in x8 or x16 add-in-cards:

PCIe Plastic  

Step 3

Lastly, if the JTAG connector (as shown below) is assembled it needs to be unsoldered:


And that is it, the PCIe on your MACCHIATObin should now correctly reset when plugging GPUs.

Have in mind the following batch notes:

  • The September batch of MACCHIATObin has the resistor assembled (Step 1)
  • The second MACCHIATObin batch and the September batch have the JTAG connector disassembled (Step 3)
  • Part of the September batch has a PCIe connector with open slot.