Board layout


Download the MACCHIATObin V1.3 board layout on the link below:

Board layout revision 1.1 can be downloaded from the link below:

The free layout viewer can be downloaded here.

Revision1.3 Layout Changes

MACCHIATObin V1.3 features following layout changes:

  1. Enhancement - Moved micro USB to component side since it conflicts with some micro ATX chassis.
  2. Enhancement - Moved reset button away from the processor heatsink to make it more accessible.
  3. Enhancement - Moved JTAG connector away from beneath the PCIe connector to make it possible to connect a x8 and x16 PCIe cards on the x4 connector without conflicting with the JTAG connector.
  4. Enhancement - Modified x4 PCIe connector to be open slot. With this change a x8 and x16 can be inserted.
  5. Enhancement - Improved DDR GND vias under 8040 in order to remove IR drop from the supply to the processor balls.
  6. Enhancement - Document connectors on component side silk screen.
  7. Enhancement - Document 2x10 100mil header on component side silk screen (in order to choose frequencies and boot device).
  8. Enhancement - Moved SFP+ back to be aligned with 1Gbps RJ45 and the rest of the connectors. Notice that the dual 10Gbps RJ45 connectors available in the double shot are 3mm outside that line.
  9. Enhancement - Add NPTL mechanical holes to mount heatsink and fan assembly
  10. Enhancement - Enlarged rectangle drawing of Armada 8k processor on component side silk screen.
  11. Enhancement - Moved SD Card slot towards the inner of the PCB in order to avoid conflict with some micro ATX chassis.
  12. Enhancement - Rearrange SATA connectors placement in order to support right angle SATA cables.